Brooke Fuit Photography | South Ogden Jets - Mitey Mites 2016

South Ogden Jets - Mitey Mites 2016

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I feel like with photography I go from one extreme to the other.  It is recommended that you typically pick a "type" so to speak and then specialize in that.  Well....over the next few posts you will see I have not done that!!

I shoot just about everything and all though I have my favorites there are too many I just don't want to let go of.  For example....FOOTBALL!!



(My feelings exactly Rhody!)

I may be starting to sound like a broken record here, but I LOVE FOOTBALL!!  I love all sports in general.  I love freezing action, but my greatest love would be football.  Crossfit of course is another favorite, but that's probably not officially a sport yet...right? (Wink, wink shameful plug.)

The following few images are from my sons WFFL football team the South Ogden Jets.  This is Keaton's 3rd year playing football and every year it gets harder and harder for me once the season ends.  This year was particularly harder because it was the first year they could have gone to the play-offs, but unfortunately the loss of a game BY ONE POINT deemed them ineligible. 


These boys fought so hard!  One dis-advantage of watching games through the lens is missing a lot of the big plays of the game when I'm trying to make sure and get a shot of each of the boys!! One huge advantage is I see so much more than most.  Why? Because I focus on each boy and watch as they do their part to make those big plays possible. 

A_14MITEY_MITES_SO-411-153A_14MITEY_MITES_SO-411-153 (A perfect example of the hard work our line-man put in. Often completely unseen. Nice work Korbin)

At the end of each season a banquet is typically held for these little athletes.  This year our team recognized each boy and gave away several awards.  For the amount of time I spent looking at several images of each of these boys I can tell you everyone of them deserved the best player award.  Coach Bill said it perfectly at the banquet.  Those boys that are given the awards worked hard and deserved it!!  There is no doubt about that, but they would not have stood out had it not been for the rest of these kids doing exactly what they were told to do!!  They should always thank their team-mates.  That's what I see in their pics.  TEAM WORK!! 


Okay, okay I said it..I'm a little obsessed, but none-the-less I had to share.

These pics are my favorite each year.  If I could only shoot sports I would, but I'd miss everything else too.  This is one of the more time consuming projects but listening to the boys react to their shots made it so worth it!!


(An example of the posters we had for each boy at the banquet.)

Thank you so much to the Coaches, their wives, the team mom's, and the parents!!  I am a little depressed it's over, but grateful for these little guys for giving us a great season.




Nice work boys!!

Here are just a few images.  Click on the link below to view the whole gallery, but be warned...I shot 3 of these games at 7 frames per second...and wanted to show how important each player is!! Sooo there's a lot.  Try no to get overwhelmed!! :)

A_3MITEY_MITES_SO-407-30A_3MITEY_MITES_SO-407-30 A_7MITEY_MITES_SO-035-49A_7MITEY_MITES_SO-035-49 A_13MITEY_MITES_SO-219-134A_13MITEY_MITES_SO-219-134 A_13MITEY_MITES_SO-286-137A_13MITEY_MITES_SO-286-137 A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-131-183A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-131-183 A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-178-190A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-178-190 A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-181-193A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-181-193 A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-418-208A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-418-208 A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-430-213A_20MITEY_MITES_SO-430-213 A_24MITEY_MITES_SO-499-247A_24MITEY_MITES_SO-499-247 A_42MITEY_MITES_SO-170-268A_42MITEY_MITES_SO-170-268 A_42MITEY_MITES_SO-552-273A_42MITEY_MITES_SO-552-273 A_44MITEY_MITES_SO-349-293A_44MITEY_MITES_SO-349-293 A_44MITEY_MITES_SO-352-296A_44MITEY_MITES_SO-352-296 A_44MITEY_MITES_SO-383-298A_44MITEY_MITES_SO-383-298 A_57MITEY_MITES_SO-335-333A_57MITEY_MITES_SO-335-333



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