Senior Hendrick Buckway aka baby bro

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Gotta finish up with some blog posts.  I'm happy to say I finally feel "caught up" and just like last time I have promised myself to never get so overwhelmed or behind again. (wink, wink) 

This extremely handsome guy pictured above is my littlest brother. The baby of 10 kids graduated in May from Bonneville high school.  I just can't believe my baby brother is that old.  

Hendrick was born when I was 16 years old.  As a child he had no idea who I was which I thought was pretty messed up.  I loved playing with him when he was a little boy.  Now he's all growed up and I'm very proud of him. Congratulations Hendrick! Thanks for spending a tortuous afternoon with me.  One great thing about being the photographer in the family is the connection I keep with my family.  

Here's more from Hendricks session. 





HENDRICK_2017-13HENDRICK_2017-13 HENDRICK_2017-17HENDRICK_2017-17 HENDRICK_2017-20HENDRICK_2017-20 HENDRICK_2017-22HENDRICK_2017-22 HENDRICK_2017-25HENDRICK_2017-25 HENDRICK_2017-27HENDRICK_2017-27 HENDRICK_2017-31HENDRICK_2017-31 HENDRICK_2017-33HENDRICK_2017-33 HENDRICK_2017-35HENDRICK_2017-35 HENDRICK_2017-36HENDRICK_2017-36 HENDRICK_2017-37HENDRICK_2017-37 HENDRICK_2017-38HENDRICK_2017-38 HENDRICK_2017-39HENDRICK_2017-39 HENDRICK_2017-40HENDRICK_2017-40 HENDRICK_2017-41HENDRICK_2017-41 HENDRICK_2017-43HENDRICK_2017-43 HENDRICK_2017-45HENDRICK_2017-45 HENDRICK_2017-47HENDRICK_2017-47

Hendrick had a little fun with me at the end of our session.  Just for my momma, who after almost 40 years of raising kids, is moving on to a new phase in life.  We had to re-create a moment she talks about ALL THE TIME!!  When it comes to Hendrick anyway.  When Hendrick was a little boy he would take all of his Imaginext and play on the dirt hill with them.  Just like what you see below.  You're welcome Mom!! 


My most vivid memory of Hendrick as a young child was coming home and walking to the front porch and finding Hendrick peeing in the corner on the brick wall.  He wouldn't let me re-create that one!! ;)


HENDRICK_2017-56HENDRICK_2017-56 HENDRICK_2017-57HENDRICK_2017-57 HENDRICK_2017-58HENDRICK_2017-58 HENDRICK_2017-59HENDRICK_2017-59 HENDRICK_2017-60HENDRICK_2017-60 HENDRICK_2017-29HENDRICK_2017-29 HENDRICK_2017-30HENDRICK_2017-30 HENDRICK_2017-49HENDRICK_2017-49 HENDRICK_2017-51HENDRICK_2017-51



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